Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daddy's Home... on a Weekend!!

Geof and I starting dating almost 12 years ago. And, in the time since we declared ourselves an official "couple," we have never, ever been on the same work schedule. If I worked nights and weekends, he worked days. If he worked days, I worked mornings. It's always been next to impossible to have a meaningful conversation when both of us were awake and alert, much less plan a vacation.

That's what happens when you work in the world of television news. Clothing allowances, free haircuts and interviewing the president are perks. Crappy work shifts are not.

I'm happy to announce that Geof, the kids and I will no longer be like ships passing in the night. We will not have to try and deduce if, for example, Geof told me about his new-found love for dubStep music or the reporter he spent the entire night riding around with in the car. I have seriously said to him, "No, you've never told me that. Yes, I'm sure. I bet you told Kevin or the assignment desk, instead."

I'm pleased to report that Geof has left the crazy world of television news for an exciting new opportunity at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh. His schedule? Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except in the summer months when he works four 10-hour days. No more night shift. No more working every single weekend. No more covering wrecks and fires on Thanksgiving, Christmas and all other holidays. 

Plus, he gets a lunch break. Every day. This is unfamiliar to him, considering a lunch/dinner break for him used to consist of eating sandwiches and chips out of a lunch pail while driving the live truck from Raleigh to parts unknown. Now, he can actually heat up a meal and sit still while enjoying it.

Geof will serve as the Media Productions Manager at Wake Tech's North Campus. He will oversee events in the school's brand new 300-seat auditorium/lecture hall, which is currently under construction. It will feature edit bays with Final Cut Pro where Geof may eventually teach courses on how to edit video. He'll also shoot good news stories to showcase the unique people, programs and opportunities the college offers.

It's a great fit for Geof's photojournalistic skills, and it will offer countless creative outlets - something he really needs after covering his fill of shootings, kids killed in car crashes and other sad stories.

And, did I mention that schedule?

I really excited about this move, because we can finally help each other raise the Wonder Twins. Before now, we've operated a lot like married single people. Both of us were never home with the girls at the same time for more than a few waking hours. Honestly, I'm not sure how we made it through the first two years of Avery and Lexie's lives without more help. We certainly saved money on daycare, but we missed out on true family time.

No more of that! We're now both at home in the morning when the girls wake up, and we're both home at night to tuck them into bed (when they'll let us). We can spend every weekend playing in the plastic pool in the backyard if we want to, or we can take a long-awaited road trip to the beach to play in the surf - one of the reasons why we moved back to North Carolina in the first place.

The girls seem excited, too. They now go to school five days a week instead of three, so we pay more than our mortgage for childcare. But, it's worth it. They adore school and on Monday just moved into the Older Twos class. Miss Tina said they were ready for the promotion and enjoyed a great first day with their friends.

The only thing they seem to notice about our transition is there is no longer a WRAL vehicle parked in our driveway. Dubbed "white car," one of the girls will often ask where it is. The other typically responds "Daddy share it." That essentially means Daddy had to give it back to the station and now drives "grey car" regularly for the first time in years.

We look forward to having all sorts of new adventures as family as we take full advantage of the new schedule in the days ahead and months. So, start inviting us to your holiday picnics and weekend get-togethers. Now, we can actually come!!

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