Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Registration Excitation

In addition to buying the Wonder Twins adorable outfits with matching hats and hair bows, I am equally excited about decorating their nursery. Geof and I have taken the first step to creating their girlie pink paradise by registering for bedding!

As much as I love Pooh Bear and Disney characters, I didn't want the babies' room look to like a scene from the latest Pixar film. I thought the twins should have a more mature, classic style for their first bedroom, so I traded the cartoon characters at Babies R' Us for the dainty decor at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. As I clicked through the bedding collections the store offers online, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

The petal pink (light pink), sorbet (darker pink) and chocolate brown shades are so cute! I could easily imagine the girls sleeping in cribs adorned with striped bed skirts, solid sheets and polka dotted bumpers in those three shades. My color palette was set.

Based on those hues, Geof plans to install a white wooden chair rail around the room. Below it, he'll paint the wall chocolate brown. Above it, he'll paint the wall petal pink. We think the white cribs will "pop" nicely against the contrasting colors.

We may also put up a chocolate brown border with pink polka dots up just above the chair rail. It looks darling online, but it may be a bit too much for the size of our nursery. We'll wait and see on that one.

If you'd like to check out what we've picked out, just go to, click on "registry" on the top tool bar and select "give a gift." Put my name or Geof's name in the search boxes, and the registry should come up.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The ABCs of Child Safety Seats

Last night was a school night for the Wonder Twins and me. We went to Rex Hospital, where I'll deliver the girls, for a child safety seat education class. Considering the closest I've ever come to using a car seat is buying one for someone else's baby shower, I figured this was a "no miss" event.

Geof also knows nothing about car seats. But, he had to work nightside at the TV station, so it was up to me to do the learning for all four of us. I'll admit, it was a little weird to be there without him. Out of the eight or so couples in the class, I was the only one flying solo. I kept adjusting my wedding ring and thinking "I bet this is what a pregnant 14 year old feels like at school."

Luckily, the booming voice of the teacher took any attention away from me and put it where it should be - on the subject of child safety seats.

Child Safety Seat Technician Chris Morris used to be a drill sergeant back in the day. Even though he's well into his 60s now, he hasn't lost the loudness or the cadence required of a military man in that position. These days, he proudly uses it to get his points across to the nervous first-time parents seated in his classroom.

Despite his intense demeanor, he definitely knows his stuff. Morris beat out 1,400 competitors from around the country last year to clench the title of "Technician of the Year." He's been educating parents in the Triangle for nearly 15 years on the do's and don'ts of child safety seats. I found him entertaining and informative.

He talked for two hours about North Carolina's laws, the types of seats kids need to be in throughout their young lives and the dangers of air bags to children. He also showed us step by step how to properly install different types of seats using the pre-installed latches and the seat belt. It was a lot to absorb. Thank goodness for hand outs. My prego brain doesn't retain details as well as it used to!

I talked to Morris one on one after the class ended to ask specifically about appropriate car seats for the twins. He said the Chicco (pronounced KEY-co) Key Fit seat was a great option, because it is built for babies weighing four to 30 pounds. Considering the girls could be small when they're born, that would be a good, safe option. He also mentioned the double stroller that accommodates the carriers is light and easier to transport than some of the other models.

Another possibility? The Graco Safe Seat. He said this would accomodate the same weight range, but the double stroller is about eight pounds heavier than the Chicco stroller. (On a side note, Morris works at the local Babies R' Us store twice a month, so he's very savvy about the latest car seats on the market!)

No matter which seat we go with, he said he will do for us what he does for hundreds of new parents every week - help install the seats in our cars. All we have to do is come by the hospital during the day, and he will walk us through the process several times until he's sure we've got the hang of it. We just have to come before Nov. 24, because that's when he's taking his wife to Barbados for week, and he apparently doesn't want to make a special trip home just for us. :)

Interestingly, he says the twin who weighs the most should be seated in the backseat on the passenger side, and the twin who weights the least should be seated in the backseat behind the driver. Morris says even though I (as driver) won't be able to see the twin behind me, it's safer than putting one baby in the center backseat and one behind the passenger. In that scenario, the car seats could rub against each other and create safety problems.

Luckily, Morris knows what kind of time commitment he's getting into with us, when we come by for installation help! Keep in mind, we'll need two seats and four bases! Two will go in my car, and two will go in Geof's work car, so we can easily take the babies to and pick them up from half days at daycare.

I'm so thankful to have such an excellent resource at the hospital where the babies will be born. The sarg-turned-teacher will undoubtedly help us get our little troops in line, so we can cruise safely with them around Raleigh and beyond.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Future Fashionistas

Whoever said "beauty is pain" is absolutely right. And, I'm not even talking about waxing. I'm referring to the four hours I spent at the Kids Exchange consignment sale today at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

It was a baby bargain hunter's utopia. As far as the parental eye could see inside the expo center, there were racks and racks and racks of clothes for everyone from newborns to teens. Strollers had a section. So did bathtubs, bouncy seats, furniture, toys, games, swings, potties and anything else ever created for children. Ever.

All this stuff belonged to someone sometime, but they need no longer need it, so they priced it right and hoped moms-to-be like me would buy it for cheap. Lucky for them, thousands of current and future parents turned out for the three-day event. The crowds were the thickest this afternoon, because it was the final day of the sale, and everything was half off.

It was obvious that most of the folks had been to this shoppers' paradise before. They knew the drill. These veterans came fully armed with strollers and wagons. Not for carrying kids. Oh, no. They were for carrying the purchases.

Let's just say, as a kids exchange virgin, I came woefully unarmed in comparison. Toting only my red Target grocery bag, I began to wonder how I would ever get my baby bounty to the car without toppling over.

Thankfully, I didn't really see many things I liked. Except, of course, in the clothing section. I'm a total sucker for anything cute and pink. :)

I started at the newborn section, which seemed like it alone was a mile long, and worked my way down to the 3-6 months section over the course of an hour and a half. All along the way, I added hanger after hanger of darling outfits to my arm/temporary closet rod and wished I had a wagon.

All of the clothes I snagged were in excellent condition. Some of the onesies still had the tags on them! I figured if I did find a stain or a missing button later, who cares? I was only paying a dollar for the outfit, and the girls were probably just going to spit up on it anyway.

After sorting through the collection that was about to break off my arm, I whittled down my choices to 20 items. They included denim jumpers and jeans, ruffley dresses, long-sleeved onesies with feet (remember the Wonder Twins will be born in the winter!) and adorable sweaters. I was pysched at the steals I was getting.

That euphoria dwindled when I discovered where the end of the check-out line was. It had wound through the front of the building and all the way around the back side. Ugh. This was not good.

I figured physical torture to my feet was the true price I would have to pay for the abundant bargains I would... eventually... receive. So, I stood on the cement floor in my flimsy flip flops for an hour and a half before I finally got to pay. I spent a solid 50 minutes of that time talking to my friend Nancy on the phone, which definitely helped the time go by quickly and kept me from thinking about my aching feet.

When the lady behind the register rang me up, I got the good news I'd been waiting nearly two hours for - my bill was only $31! Sweet! Twenty items for $31 is music to my bank account's ears.

Once I got home, I planned to sit with my feet up in hopes that the throbbing would cease. That lasted for about 20 minutes. A sudden urge to wash and rehang all the clothes trumpted my therapeutic rest time. The good thing is now all the outfits are now clean, smelling like lavendar, and hanging in the closet, ready for the Wonder Twins to wear!

I know they're excited, because they keep kicking. Let's just hope they're not already fighting over who gets to wear what. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yin and Yang

Last Thursday, Geof and I took the Wonder Twins to the doctor for their monthly check up and ultrasound. We are pleased to report the babies are both growing just as they should be, and my stats are good, as well. Hooray!

The only downer part of the visit had nothing to do with the twins at all. Geof's Dad, Buzz, had scheduled to fly into the Raleigh-Durham airport from Arkansas around lunchtime, so he could come to the appointment with us. (I'm not sure that there were ultrasounds when Geof was in utero, so seeing the twins on the screen was going to be quite an experience for him.) Unfortunately, mother nature interfered with our plans. She plagued Memphis with storms, and Buzz's flight was delayed for four hours. He missed the appointment. Oh well. At least, we have pictures to show him, even though he claims he can never tell what he's looking at. "Ummm... that's a head..."

Ultrasounds are an awesome perk to having multiples. You get to have way more of them than with singletons. We affectionately refer to ultrasound appointments as "class picture days." Last week's photo session revealed that Twin A is head down on my right side, and Twin B is head up on my left side. They're like a little baby yin-yang!

As usual, Twin B posed beautifully for her photo. We got a great profile shot of her. I love how defined her tiny nose and mouth are.

Twin A also performed in typical fashion by turning her head away from the camera. Apparently, she's practicing for later in life when she must dodge the paparazzi. At least, we know the back of her head looks normal. :)

We also asked the doctor about the probability that I would have to have a C-section. He said the babies still have plenty of time to move around in my belly, so it's very possible that they both could be head down by Week 37, and I could have a vaginal delivery. If they are not, we will then need to schedule the surgery. The doc said there just won't be enough room in the womb for them to move into the proper birthing position in the final weeks of the pregnancy, if they are not already both head down by that point.

I'm not worried about their ability to move. They seem to be pretty athletic. Twin A is constantly dancing around, but her sister saves most of her freestyle moves for after-meal entertainment. Sometimes, their kicks and punches are so strong that they rustle my clothes, which is pretty funny. I just give my big belly a pat and encourage them to keep on playing.

The next round of class pictures is in mid-August. I'll be handing out wallet-sized photos. Don't worry. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Wonder Twins officially have safe places to lay their little heads once they're born. After lots of hemming and hawing, Geof and I have finally purchased two matching cribs, which convert from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed and ultimately a full-sized adult bed. We chose white, because we felt like it would "pop" nicely against the chocolate and pink paint colors we plan to brush below and above the white chair rail that Geof will eventually have time to install in the nursery.

I never thought the crib-buying process would be so involved. I figured you just went to Babies R' Us, found something attractive in a reasonable price range and brought it home that day. Yeah, not so much.

My eyes were opened widely to the intensive and, at times, painstaking process of selecting a crib when I started reading the book, "Baby Bargains." It's a must-have manuel for parents-to-be. It not only rates crib manufacturers on an A-F academic scale for safety and value, but it also gives excellent advice. For instance, I had no idea most stores don't have cribs in stock. You typically have to order them, and if there are none in the store's warehouse, you have to wait for them to be shipped from the manufacturing facility in China. Yikes! That could mean a 15-20 week wait! Being that I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time, I knew my nerves could not handle being sans cribs when the babies were born. So, Geof and I got started on the great crib hunt immediately!

Based on the book, we knew we wanted sturdy cribs made of hardwood (no particle board), adjustable mattress heights, spring support systems beneath the mattress and the ability to convert to toddler beds. Finding ones in white that met those criteria for under $250 each was not easy. But, we looked and looked online, and finally found one we liked.

I checked out the Graco model in person on a Monday and liked it. When Geof came back to the store with me two days later, the floor model was no where to be found. I asked a customer service representative for help locating it, and he politely told me it had been discontinued. Awesome. That meant we had to start over.

We searched for hours online again and found other model we liked, but unfortunately, it was listed as "out of stock" on the store's Web site. The site did, however, have a place where we could enter our e-mail addresses and be notified when the product was back in stock. Much to our surprise, we got an e-mail from the store less than a week later. Figuring that was some kind of sign, we immediately busted out the credit card and purchased two! You can see them here -

They're being delivered to the Wal-Mart in Knightdale next week (great way to void shipping costs!), and we're really looking forward to picking them up and putting them together. OK, let's be honest. Geof will be putting them together. :) Either way, though, it will give us a much better idea as to how much space we're going to have left in the nursery for a changing table, comfy chair and other baby things that we probably don't even know we need yet. Plus, nesting is fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kung Fu Babies

I have been fortunate over the past few weeks to feel movement in my baby bump, but it was never as defined as it was today. I guess the Wonder Twins somehow knew it was their 21-week birthday, and they decided to celebrate by "kicking" off the party in my belly!

Around 10 a.m., I was sitting at my desk writing a speech for Transportation Secretary Conti to deliver next week, when I felt movement in fairly rapid succession. Not having felt that before I immediately stopped typing and put my hands on my tummy.

Bump. Bump, bump. Bump. It was the wildest thing ever! It was like the babies were taking turns kicking (or elbowing... or headbutting) me in alternating waves. First, I'd feel a poke on my lower right side and then I feel a poke on my upper left side. Repeat. Repeat. Perhaps, we have a couple of future Rockettes in there!

The best way I can describe it is to reference a toy from the 80s. Remember the light-up game Simon? It had four color quadrants. It would make noise, illuminate a series of sections at random, and you had to copy its moves. That's kind of what it felt like today... like I was chasing the girls' movements back and forth across my belly without knowing which one was going to kick next!

Tonight, while endulging in a "Gossip Girl" rerun, I felt more of the twins' new dance moves. These were also pretty defined. As opposed to the larger areas of pressure I'd felt in weeks past, I now felt like I was getting elbowed. Apparently, they want our undivided attention now, and they're not even out of the womb yet! "Watch me, mom! Look what I can do!" Sounds like they're already following in their "only child" parents' footsteps!

We will officially be able to see what they can do on Thursday. That's when we head back to the OBGYN for another ultrasound! We are so excited! Geof's dad, Buzz, will be joining us. It will be the first time he's seen the Wonder Twins in person! We will definitely post photos on the blog later that night. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Klutz-o-Matic 5000

As I get progressively bigger, I also seem to get progressively clumsier. Dropping things is a constant occurance. Ponytail holders and brushes fly out of my hands on a regular basis during the morning "get ready" routine in the bathroom, often causing enough of a clatter to arouse sleeping Geof in the bedroom.

What's worse than dropping stuff is having to bend over a pick it up. I no longer bend over at the waist to fetch lost items. That requires holding of the breath, which I find dizzying. My current method involves doing a deep knee bend, similar to a ballerina's grand plie except far less graceful, and slowly coming back up. Sometimes, I have to rest for a second afterwards. It's another reminder of the excellent physical shape I'm in!

Well, today, I took clumsiness to a whole new level. I was heading out the front door of our house to turn off the sprinkler, which had been watering the flowers for a good 20 minutes, when I missed the bottom step, went flying through the air and crash landed on my hands and knees on the cement walkway.

My first though was "Oh, God. Did anyone see that?" My second thought was "Oh, God. I'm bleeding!" I slowly stood up, stunned and shocked at what had just happened. I looked down to find out why my left knee was stinging so badly, and the answer was obvious. Just like a little kid, I had scraped all the skin off my knee, and it was covered in blood. Then, I looked at my palms, which were also stinging. Both had places where the skin was peeled back, and red was quickly coming through. Not sure what to do, I stood there for a second and thought, "Do I go ahead and turn off the sprinkler, or do I go inside and start with the Neosporin?"

I bagged the stupid sprinkler, which I clearly blame for causing the accident, and hobbled inside. I cleaned out the cuts, applied Neosporin and the biggest band aids ever made. I'm pretty sure the last time I used one that big I was in third grade.

After nursing myself to a non-bleeding stage, I sat down and reflected on what had just happened. That's when the waterworks started. I immediately thought of all the times the doctors had told me that twins were a "high-risk pregnancy" and was terrified that my misadventure had hurt them in some way. I rushed to the computer, looked up the OBGYN's on-call number and left a message for her to call me.

Within two minutes, she called back, and between sniffles and apologies for the wobbly tone of my voice, I explained what had just happened. She asked if I had fallen on my belly. I said I had managed to absorb the impact of the fall with my hands and knees, and my stomach never came near the ground. She said I would be fine, and more importantly, the babies would be fine. She reminded me of the good padding the twins had in the womb, and again told me not to worry.

Easier said than done. I called Geof to explain the unfortunate events of the afternoon. (He was at work.) Like the wonderful husband and father he is, he tried to calm me down. It worked, until I got off the phone with him. The tears started flowing again, as I apologized to the babies for putting them in danger. I just hugged my belly and prayed that they would be alright like the doctor said.

Thankfully, I have felt them move since then, which makes me feel a little better. I don't think I'll rest easy, though, until my ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Thursday. I just want to know my little girls are okay.

From here on out, I refuse to have any more dealings with the sprinkler. I now consider it my arch nemesis and will require Geof to handle all things related to foliage hydration.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teaching an Old Cat New Tricks

For those of you who don't know, the Wonder Twins are actually not our first "kids." Geof and I got our start in the world of parenting about nine years ago in Fayetteville, Arkansas, when we adopted a 3-week-old. Like most babies, she cries a lot, but unlike most babies, she is furry, runs around on four legs and meows incessantly, when she wants something. Yes, our first "child" is indeed Stella the Cat.

We feel like she is working hard to help prepare us for the sleepless days and nights that will undoubtedly accompany the birth of the Wonder Twins. She starts whining loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood as soon as the sun rises. Somehow, her need to eat is directly connected to the amount of light entering our bedroom.

In true Daddy form, Geof will try to soothe her, but unless he actually gets up and feeds her, she doesn't stop with the early morning tormenting. Her next move to rouse us from bed is to scratch on the wicker baskets underneath our bedside tables. I can tell she clearly calculates these annoying actions for two reasons: 1.) She doesn't even have front claws to sharpen on the wicker, and 2.) She knows I really like those baskets. To get her to stop, I usually start snapping, clapping or yelling at her. I know, I know. Not exactly "Mother of the Year" material. I guess it doesn't matter, because it never works.

Finally, Geof will reach down in a sleepy haze, pick Stella up and tuck her under his arm like a stuffed animal. Eventually, she calms down, and the meowing ceases. But, it's quickly replaced with the very loud sound of content purring. We don't fight it, though, because it's better than the meowing. Here's a shot I snapped with Geof's Blackberry this morning that shows Stella clearly exhausted after a morning of "let's wake up my sleeping parents."

If you haven't grasped this already, Stella is clearly not a normal cat. She is totally dependent and incredibily needy. Her first choice is always Geof. (Daddy's girl much?) I come in a distant second, if his lap is not available.

We're both extremely curious to see how Stella will react to the twins. I think she's going to be jealous at the lack of attention she gets, even though Geof insists he can hold one of the girls and Stella at the same time. Plus, she doesn't like strangers and is terrified of loud noises. I'm thinking she is not going to dig the sound of two infants crying. Just wait until they're old enough to pull her tail! Yikes!

We're hoping she'll learn to share attention with the twins, but I fear it's going to be tough to teach an old cat new tricks. She's used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Sound like a spoiled only child to you? :) Hopefully, the babies will think her meowing is some type of beautiful music and drift off to sleep whenever she starts "singing" a lullaby.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Adventures with Grandma

My Mom, Lynn Demi, arrived in town last Thursday to visit Geof, the Wonder Twins and me over the July 4th holiday. As one who has never exactly embraced the phrase "packing lightly," mom brought twin suitcases for her extended Independence Day weekend. But, to her credit, only one of the suitcases was crammed with her clothes and toiletries. The other, affectionately known in our family as "Big Blue," was full of something entirely different.

Blue is a light blue, hard-shell suitcase, which was at one time the largest suitcase you could take on an overseas flight. Blue dutifully served our family on trips to Japan and several other foreign counties over the years, but the journey to Raleigh was his last. Blue is dinged, dented and doesn't exactly lock right anymore, so it's time for him to retire to the great conveyor belt in the sky. But, before leaving, he made one final delivery. He brought the twins some very special things that Grandma had kept for them for the past 31 years - my baby clothes and toys!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe that I once only weighed 8 pounds, but it's true, and the girls now have the duds to prove it! I won't say my old clothes are exactly on the cutting edge of infant fashion, but if retro is all the rage, then the Wonder Twins will be stylin'. Plus, gingham is always cute no matter if it's from 1978 or 2008. Now, about the pastel bonnets...

Here is a photo Mom snapped of me standing in front of the nursery closet where we hung up all my old clothes and blankets. Mom washed them all to defy any dingy smells, so every time I open the doors, I get a rush of Downy freshness. Ahhhhh...

On Friday, we decided to trade the Triangle for the waves of Wrightsville Beach. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and the ocean breeze kept it from feeling like a coastal Carolina oven. Perfect beach weather!

Geof and I always eat lunch at the Trolley Stop, a glorified hot dog stand about a block off the beach, whenever we're in Wrightsville. Not wanting to break tradition, Mom and I walked from our chair-flanked spot on the sand to the mini-restaurant on a mission to retrieve five surfer dogs. (Surfer dogs are hot dogs with cheese, mustard and bacon bits. So yummy!) As usual, there was a line outside the Trolley Stop full of others waiting in the sun for their delicious dogs. So, we claimed our spot and waited. And waited. And waited.

Mind you, I was only wearing my not-so-sexy maternity bathing suit and flip-flops at the time. Although it's much more concealing than my normal swim suits, I wasn't exactly wearing layers of clothing. That's why I was caught off guard by my sudden need to sit down. Whew! Out of nowhere, it had gotten hot, and I was tired.

Finally, we made it inside to place our order, and by then, I was feeling a little woozy. Not wanting to freak out my mom, I just sat on the floor and declined to mention my urge to get sick. Ugh. As the line crept forward, I'd stand up, but after a few moments on wobbly knees, I'd slide back down to the floor again. I knew I needed to eat to boost my quickly plummeting blood sugar levels, but getting to the counter was going to be a feat of strength.

Eventually, we ordered our dogs and as I was trying to pay, I started seeing things in ever-increasing levels of black and white static like when old school TVs go to "snow." I knew I was in trouble. I left Mom inside to pick up the order, and I dashed outdoors for a place in the shade where I could chill out and await my food. Minutes later, Mom arrived with the order, and I quickly downed a lemonade and surfer dog #1. I immediately felt better. See, the Trolley Stop really does serve miraculously good food!

We walked back to the beach without a problem, but I made sure to take it easy for a while. I triumphantly downed another dog for good measure, which made the twins happy. They apparently are culinary geniuses who know tasty treats at very young ages.

Later in the afternoon, Mom, Geof and I went splashing about in the ocean. I had not been swimming since my belly had blossomed, so this was truly an extraordinary exercise in bouyancy. Michael Phelps and Dara Torres have nothing on pregnant me! The only weird part was having to use my core muscles. I haven't exactly been doing a lot of stomach crunches lately, considering I'm not allowed to lie on my back. So, the abs are feeling a little weak. Despite that, I still managed to float on my back, as Geof and our friend, Mark, made whale sounds.

Here's a picture of Geof and I with Mom on the beach.

Saturday was all about the Wonder Twins! We went shopping at many, many stores looking for bargains on baby clothes. I ended up with six onsies and three sets of socks. So cute! There are so many darling things out there that I want to buy, but since the girls are coming in the winter, I really need to wait and get them things with sleeves instead of sundresses and sandals. Resisting is tough!

Since Geof was working at the TV station, Mom and I headed over to Cary post-shopping extravaganza for the fireworks display at Koka Booth Amphitheatre. The crowd was enormous and so were the ants, but we managed to eat our BBQ dinner without too much interruption from either one.

The fireworks display was incredibly beautiful as it reflected over the lake. I wondered what the twins thought about the rapid-fire booming of the fireworks, but they didn't really kick a lot, so I assume they thought it was just really loud digestion. "Wow! What did mommy eat this time?!" No, ladies, it was not another pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.Mom left for Cincinnati on Sunday, but she'll be back to visit the girls again over Labor Day weekend. By then, they'll be much bigger and eager for another fun visit!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Great Bathing Suit Search

Every year, women put themselves through the dreaded process of trying to find a cute bathing suit that minimizes their flaws (yes, we do actually have some) and emphasizes their attributes (showin' what ya momma gave ya). Because it's highly unlikely that the perfect swim suit actually exists, we ladies have to try on every suit ever created to find something remotely close. After many turns in front of the three-way mirror and requests for friends and significant others to swear they'll admit if our butts look big, we finally select one and hope that we don't gain weight over the several months between swim suit selection season (spring) and swim suit wearing season (summer).

Now, imagine that going through that process with a basketball in your belly. That is the experience I had tonight.

You see, my mom, Lynn, is flying into town tomorrow and will stay until Sunday evening. Geof and I thought her visit would be the perfect opportunity for a day trip to Wrightsville Beach, so we're going on Friday. I was totally excited, because my pasty white skin has barely seen the sun all season, and I don't want to scare the Wonder Twins when they come into the world with my white glow.

Then, I remembered the bathing suit issue. Hmmm. I hadn't planned on buying a maternity suit, because I figured it wouldn't be worth the expense. I had planned on just wearing a little terry cloth A-line skirt and a bikini top and calling it a day at the beach. Um, yeah. That plan went out the window, when the thermometer hit 95 degrees today. I knew there was no way I could sit at the beach in the heat and not go for a refreshing dip in the ocean. Terry cloth and water? Not so much.

So, before Geof's kickball game tonight, I went to Target. I knew the discount chain carried some some suits for the mommy-to-be set and was estatic when I saw the tops and bottoms were on sale for $14 each! Score! The problem was there were only about nine pieces left and of course, they were not in my size. "XS" and "XXL" were not exactly going to get the job done.

I did not dismay, though, because I knew there was another Target closer to the fields where Geof's team, Guaranteed Third Base, was playing. I stopped in and miraculously found more options than at the last store. While trying on a few tops, I asked the lady working in the fitting room if she could find the bottoms I liked in my size. She checked in the computer and discovered one at the Target store in Cary. I immediately asked her to put them on hold for me. I left with a black and white zig-zag halter swim suit top and grand visions of picking up the matching bottoms after Geof's game.

I skipped the post-victory party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brier Creek and headed for Target in Cary. I went straight to the Guest Services area and asked for my item. My anxious excitement fizzled, when I discovered it was not the adorable skirt I thought I was getting, but instead a pair of boy shorts made of swim suit material. Not cute.

I trudged back to the maternity section for the third time in one night, praying there would be something decent in my size that would not make me look like a sea monster. I prefer not to scare small children, if possible, with my ever-enlarging belly.

I dragged a few options back to the dressing room and starting trying on suits. Again. The first one was a big, fat "no." It was comfortable, but the colors left quite a bit to be desired. The second one I liked, so I ventured out of the dressing room, daring to sneak a peek in the three-way mirror. With no one available to tell me if my butt looked as big as my belly, I needed the additional mirrors for feedback. The verdict? Good!

I returned the 1970s-inspired zig-zag top and purchased the suit that passed the mirror test. The top is purple, navy and white with flowers on it and a little ruffle across the top. It makes my baby bump look kinda cute, rather than like a just swallowed a watermelon. The bottoms are navy and have a mini skirt over the briefs to shield my upper thighs from view. (Absolutely necessary) It was a nice purchase for $28! Oh, and the Wonder Twins approve. I'd hate to start embarrassing them before they're out of the womb!

I'll be sure to post pics of me wearing it at the beach Friday. Can't wait for the babies' first swim in the ocean. Thank goodness, we can leave the terry cloth skirt at home.