Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandpa Dave's Inaugural Visit

The first week of March brought a hint of spring and a long-awaited visit from Grandpa Dave! My dad had not yet met the Wonder Twins, so this was a special occasion.

Unfortunately, I had used all my vacation and then some to cover my maternity leave, so I was unable to take any time off work during the trip. But, Geof did an outstanding job as host in my absence. He and Grandpa Dave spent most of the day playing with the girls, but they did manage to sneak in a little ESPN while the twins napped. I don't think Geof made Grandpa Dave change any dirty diapers, but he certainly did his share of holding the girls and feeding them.

Grandpa Dave also bravely ventured out to Knightdale Seafood and BBQ with us for dinner. You never know how mealtime is going to go. Sometimes, Avery and Alexa totally sleep through it. Sometimes, they cry through it. Most times, it's a little of both.

We managed to make it through the ordering process before the crying commensed. Everyone immediately turned and stared. Thankfully, the clientele of this restaurant is not exactly what I'd label "cosmopolitan," so most of those stares turned into sympathetic smiles, once they realized we had two babies to keep from getting on "the fussy bus."

Thankfully, Geof and I have mastered the art of one-armed eating. This allows us to feed a baby and ourselves at the same time. That way, we don't have to wait until the baby is done (and our food is very cold) to chow down.

Using this method, we let the twins suck down their very full bottles, which helped console them. Avery needed a little extra soothing, so Geof took her for a little walk by the kitchen. She apparently loved watching all the hubbub back there and was a big hit with the cook and his staff. Hopefully, that means we'll get free hush puppies the next time we're in!

We enjoyed Grandpa Dave's visit and look forward to seeing him again in May. Until then, we'll have a lasting reminder of his trip - green grass! He felt there was no way we could care for the twins and our lawn, so he offered to put a sprinkler system in our yard and sod in the backyard. It looks amazing!

We're so thrilled that the girls will have gorgeous grass to stick their feet in this summer, not seed and straw! We can just envision the swing set out there, can't you?

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