Saturday, March 6, 2010

On a Roll

Twins are special. I'm told that before they can speak actual words, they talk to each other in a "language" that only they understand. Well, I haven't exactly seen evidence of two-way conversations going on between Avery and Alexa yet, but somewhere in their baby babble last week, they must have made a pact to reach an impressive milestone before the end of February.

I found out about it via a series of excited phone calls from daddy. Geof had called me repeatedly while I was on my lunch break on Friday, Feb. 26. I had heard the phone ringing in my office, but I was enjoying my sandwich too much to get up from the lunch table to answer it. So, when I returned to my desk, I listened to my voicemail and heard his jubulant voice urging me to immediately look at my e-mail.

In my inbox was a video Geof had shot with our new Flip video camera. I played it and was astounded to see Alexa rolling over! By some audio-visual miracle, Geof had recorded the exact moment when she went from stomach to back for the first time! You can listen to the adorable play-by-play of this important event in the video below. So cute!

I immediately called Geof, and we gushed about how cool this was. I repeatedly told him that I was thankful to get to see it even though I wasn't there in person. We also speculated on when Avery might follow her sister's lead and become a "holy roller."

About two hours later, my speechwriting was interrupted by another phone call from daddy. "You aren't going to believe this!" exclaimed Geof. "Avery just rolled over!"

Unfortunately, Geof wasn't recording when she decided to steal the spotlight from Lexie, but he did roll on a subsequent roll-over, so mommy could see it. I was so proud. And so impressed that they both accomplished this major milestone within hours of each other! Apparently, all that tummy time on their play mat paid off!

Listen, as Geof narrates this Olympic-caliber move from Avery "The Rollover Queen" Levine.

Now that they're proven rollers, we can only speculate on when they'll take their strength to the next level and start crawling! Let the babyproofing of the house begin now, because you never know when they're going to use their top-secret Wonder Twin power to surprise us!

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  1. That's just wonderful! I can't believe they're already old enough to roll over!!! :) Ava had so much fun watching your girls roll, she's already asked to watch the videos again. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing moments!