Monday, July 13, 2009

Kung Fu Babies

I have been fortunate over the past few weeks to feel movement in my baby bump, but it was never as defined as it was today. I guess the Wonder Twins somehow knew it was their 21-week birthday, and they decided to celebrate by "kicking" off the party in my belly!

Around 10 a.m., I was sitting at my desk writing a speech for Transportation Secretary Conti to deliver next week, when I felt movement in fairly rapid succession. Not having felt that before I immediately stopped typing and put my hands on my tummy.

Bump. Bump, bump. Bump. It was the wildest thing ever! It was like the babies were taking turns kicking (or elbowing... or headbutting) me in alternating waves. First, I'd feel a poke on my lower right side and then I feel a poke on my upper left side. Repeat. Repeat. Perhaps, we have a couple of future Rockettes in there!

The best way I can describe it is to reference a toy from the 80s. Remember the light-up game Simon? It had four color quadrants. It would make noise, illuminate a series of sections at random, and you had to copy its moves. That's kind of what it felt like today... like I was chasing the girls' movements back and forth across my belly without knowing which one was going to kick next!

Tonight, while endulging in a "Gossip Girl" rerun, I felt more of the twins' new dance moves. These were also pretty defined. As opposed to the larger areas of pressure I'd felt in weeks past, I now felt like I was getting elbowed. Apparently, they want our undivided attention now, and they're not even out of the womb yet! "Watch me, mom! Look what I can do!" Sounds like they're already following in their "only child" parents' footsteps!

We will officially be able to see what they can do on Thursday. That's when we head back to the OBGYN for another ultrasound! We are so excited! Geof's dad, Buzz, will be joining us. It will be the first time he's seen the Wonder Twins in person! We will definitely post photos on the blog later that night. :)

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