Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yin and Yang

Last Thursday, Geof and I took the Wonder Twins to the doctor for their monthly check up and ultrasound. We are pleased to report the babies are both growing just as they should be, and my stats are good, as well. Hooray!

The only downer part of the visit had nothing to do with the twins at all. Geof's Dad, Buzz, had scheduled to fly into the Raleigh-Durham airport from Arkansas around lunchtime, so he could come to the appointment with us. (I'm not sure that there were ultrasounds when Geof was in utero, so seeing the twins on the screen was going to be quite an experience for him.) Unfortunately, mother nature interfered with our plans. She plagued Memphis with storms, and Buzz's flight was delayed for four hours. He missed the appointment. Oh well. At least, we have pictures to show him, even though he claims he can never tell what he's looking at. "Ummm... that's a head..."

Ultrasounds are an awesome perk to having multiples. You get to have way more of them than with singletons. We affectionately refer to ultrasound appointments as "class picture days." Last week's photo session revealed that Twin A is head down on my right side, and Twin B is head up on my left side. They're like a little baby yin-yang!

As usual, Twin B posed beautifully for her photo. We got a great profile shot of her. I love how defined her tiny nose and mouth are.

Twin A also performed in typical fashion by turning her head away from the camera. Apparently, she's practicing for later in life when she must dodge the paparazzi. At least, we know the back of her head looks normal. :)

We also asked the doctor about the probability that I would have to have a C-section. He said the babies still have plenty of time to move around in my belly, so it's very possible that they both could be head down by Week 37, and I could have a vaginal delivery. If they are not, we will then need to schedule the surgery. The doc said there just won't be enough room in the womb for them to move into the proper birthing position in the final weeks of the pregnancy, if they are not already both head down by that point.

I'm not worried about their ability to move. They seem to be pretty athletic. Twin A is constantly dancing around, but her sister saves most of her freestyle moves for after-meal entertainment. Sometimes, their kicks and punches are so strong that they rustle my clothes, which is pretty funny. I just give my big belly a pat and encourage them to keep on playing.

The next round of class pictures is in mid-August. I'll be handing out wallet-sized photos. Don't worry. :)

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