Friday, September 11, 2009

Register This!

Most parents-to-be probably walk into stores like Babies R' Us and get excited about the thousands of items they could register for. From bottle warmers to $700 baby joggers, the list of options is almost endless.

Unless you're me. And, you find the sheer amount of options totally overwhelming, so you run home to read the entire "Baby Bargains" book to determine which type of bottle best prevents colic, which car seat will be safest for the Wonder Twins and which diaper disposal system gets the highest marks for odor elimination. (Remember, we'll have twice the poopy diapers in one room!)

After finishing the book, Geof and I went back to BRU to create our registry. The sign up process was simple. They gave us a scanner, which we immediately turned into a big kids toy. Geof tried to scan my baby bump (sorry, the girls are not for sale), and I used it as a prop in a Charlie's Angels pose when no one was looking.

Armed with "Baby Bargains," we walked down each aisle and started scanning. We began with the big stuff - the really important items we cannot live without like car seats. It's hard to bring babies home from the hospital without them.

After much hemming and hawing, we selected the Chicco Key Fit seats, because they hold infants from four to 32 pounds. All the other seats start at five pounds. Just in case the girls come early and don't weigh much, we wanted to be prepared. The background color of the seats is, much to Geof's disdain, orange - the color of his SEC football rival, the University of Tennessee. Geof plans to remedy this by buying the twins Arkansas Razorback onesies immediately.

Unfortunately, Chicco does not yet make a double stroller for the Key Fit seats to snap into, so we went with a more traditional side-by-side stroller. The Combi model is black with bright green polka dots, which reminded Geof of his mom, Linda, who loved lime green. It folds up like a Tranformer and is pretty light weight for a double stroller. Since the doctor put the "no exercise" edict into effect, I haven't exactly been pumping iron, so my shrunken biceps are grateful for the reduced poundage!

We had heard great things about the Baby Bjorn, but Geof figured he should give one the true Levine test before we double punched the scanner. He gave it the "thumbs up" and already has big plans of dancing around the living room with one of the girls secured firmly to his chest!

I could go on and on about all the other things we registered for and why, but I seriously doubt you'd find that interesting. I will say, though, that we did NOT register for any baby clothes. On purpose. It's shocking, I know.

The truth is we just don't need any. Really. Between my ceaseless shopping sprees at consignment sales and gifts from our awesome friends, the nursery closet is full for the first six months! Our babies are going to be tiny fashionistas!

In all seriousness, feathering the nest for twins is expensive, so we really tried to only register for the items we truly need. And, most of them we need in pairs.

That means I resisted the urge to go scanner crazy and pull the trigger on items like the baby spa, fancy mobiles, and the latest and greatest toys. We don't need them. Well... that is unless the grandparents are buying! :)

You can check out our registry online at Just click on "find a registry" on the left side of the screen and type in either one of our names. It should pop right up!

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  1. You are going to love your keyfit seats! I got a year of use out of ours, which is far longer than I got out of the Graco ones I've had.

    -Sibyl (Bass)