Monday, May 25, 2009

Belly Up to the Trail

Although Geof had to work on this Memorial Day, the news world did not beckon him to a hostage stand off until 2:30 p.m., which meant we (and the Wonder Twins) got to spend the morning together! What a treat for a Monday!

We drove to Riverwood, a community about 10 minutes from our house with really nice walking trails. Due to the twins being a "high-risk pregnancy," the doctor has banned me from participating in any high-impact exercise. Forget running. Walking, swimming and non-aggressive weight training are basically all I'm able to do. Hence, our trip to the walking trail.

This was exciting for me, because it was the first time since my baby belly had truly popped that I put on my running garb. Sports bra? Still fit despite impressive new pregnancy-related cleavage. :) Running skirt? Um... kinda of fit when I pulled it down a little in the front. Shirt? Not happening. Too humid. That meant baring the bump and hoping people realized it was full of babies and not the entree I devoured (hey, babies eat a lot!) the night before.

Geof determined I looked "cute," although he has to say things like that to guard himself from unexpected hormonal mood swings. However, considering no small children ran away from me screaming "Mommy! Monster!" I'm assuming I didn't look too terrifying.

The babies seemed to like the hour-long hike past a small lake and some really beautiful homes. No weird, crampy feelings at all. Just calm in my middle.

We can't wait to take them there in the double baby jogger with all-terrain tires that Geof is super psyched about getting! Even though the four of us will probably take up the entire width of the trail, we think the hard core runners will cut us some slack, because seriously, twins are so cute.

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