Saturday, May 30, 2009

Special Delivery!

I came home from work yesterday to find a very special package waiting for me in the kitchen. It was from my college roommate, Frannie, and I knew it was going to be awesome.

The package wasn't large, and it didn't make funny noises when I shook it, so I automatically assumed it wasn't some type of non-alcoholic booze. (Frannie and I have a history of defying postal service rules and mailing alcohol to each other. For her 21st birthday, which was over Thanksgiving break during college, I mailed her 21 shots. In film tubes. From my parents' not-very-extensive liquor cabinet. For my 30th b-day, she sent me a huge bottle of Mudslide from TGI Fridays, a sorority favorite. It's still in the 'fridge.)

After yanking off the bow and ripping open the blue tissue paper, I found inside the most creative gifts EVER! Frannie had gone to Cafe Press and had two onesies made for the babies that read "Wonder Twins Powers Activate!" LOVE THEM!

Geof took a picture of me holding one of them up, and I'll get him to post it right here. That way, you can oogle over its cuteness.

The onesies are sized for six months, so it will be a little while before the twins will officially sport them. But, until they can, these matching outfits will be the first baby clothes we hang in the nursery closet. Awww! This is a touching moment for me, as I am greatly looking forward to adorning the Levine dynamic duo in darling outfits. (You should've seen the baby fedora I spied at the Gap last weekend. SO CUTE!)

I know. I know. They're just going to get dirty and messy, but still! How can you say "no" to baby shoes with glitter?

Thanks, Frannie, for your thoughtfulness! And, thanks to all of you for sending sweet cards and checking in on the babies! We are the luckiest parents-to-be in the world to have such a great support system. XOXO!

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