Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bump-ing to the Beat

Most days on the 25-minute drive between home and work, I listen to NPR. It's the easiest way for me to get updated information on the latest happenings in the world around me. But, some days, I just don't feel like tuning in. When the sleepiness sets in or a good mood strikes, I need music, not talking, to keep me moving. That's when I plug in my iPod and begin teaching "music education."

You see, Geof and I both LOVE music and want the Wonder Twins to dig it, too. So, we are making an effort to teach them in utero about rhythm and sound.

Here are two examples:

On my drive from work today, I shuffled through the hundreds of songs on my iPod, looking for something new. Before pressing "play" on an old Indigo Girls' album, I announced, "Okay, girls, this is the Indigo Girls. They sing and play all kinds of guitars. One day, we will teach you to sing and play guitars, too, but for now, just play air guitar with Mommy." I proceeded to play "Tried to Be True" and sing out loud (much to the hilarity of the drivers around me, I'm sure), while patting and strumming my baby bump.

On my drive to work today, the Wonder Twins and I swayed along to Joshua Radin's newest record, "Simple Times." In between songs, I interjected, "You are listening to Joshua Radin. He's a really cute singer/songwriter who can play guitar. You'll meet plenty of guys like him in college. Don't accept their offers to 'give you guitar lessons.'" When the next track started up, so did the rhythmic belly patting.

I think the twins like "music education," because I often feel little sensations of pressure in different parts of my tummy while we bop along to the beat. Nothing painful at all. Just the hint of movement. And, that makes me think they've already got the rhythm stuff down. Now, they're just practicing their dance steps.

Don't be surprised if they come out of the womb doing the moonwalk. It's Geof signature move! Like father, like daughters... :)

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  1. When the twins are mobile, you'll need to check out 'Yo Gabba Gabba', which is a children's tv show hosted by a hip hop artist named DJ Lance and its the best.


    We luckily are parents in the generation after the music-must-be-terrible-for-parents Barney generation.