Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Geof!

Today is a special day at the Demi-Levine house! It's Geof's first Father's Day! Yay! The Wonder Twins wanted to let their Daddy know that they love him very much, so they asked me (we communicate telepathically) to help.

First, we went to Target to find the perfect card, but we ran into a little bit of trouble, because a.) There are no cards that read "To Dad from the Wonder Twins" and b.) The cards that were left were really lame. They decided to abandon the card aisle and seek a more creative solution. They opted to make their own card, so I bought them a 68-cent piece of poster board and home we went to begin brainstorming!

Now, as you know, the girls bones are currently a fraction of the size of a Crayola marker and not exactly sturdy yet. Doing their own coloring, cutting and pasting was out of the question, but that did not hinder them! Oh no. They simply told me what to write, and I did the drawing and designing for them.

Their idea was pretty cute. On the front of the card, they wanted to pose the question: "What's better than winning an Emmy?" (In case you didn't know, Geof's won two Emmys for his photojournalistic work in television news, as well as a slew of other prestigious awards.) On the inside, they answered it: "Coming home to FOUR ladies who love you bunches!" (Their grammar isn't totally perfect yet, but we're working on it. :) ) The "four" includes Stella, our black and white house cat. The twins, Stella and I all added our own special messages and then signed the card.

As you can imagine, Geof loved his homemade card and gave the babies multiple kisses on my tummy to let them know how thoughtful it was.

The card, of course, came with presents. The Wonder Twins plan to be very athletic, so they thought Daddy needed new collapsable chairs to take to their future sporting events. They picked out two nice ones to replace the rusting metal beach chairs we've had since we lived in North Carolina the first time. Yikes! Geof is looking forward to using them as he cheers the girls on from the sidelines. As you can see from the photo below, Stella likes them, too!

Target actually carries little kid versions of those same chairs in pink, and it was all I could do not to buy them. Considering the twins are still in the womb, they couldn't exactly use them for awhile, but they were so cute! I could just see us all lined up like stair steps - Geof, me and the twins. Awww... Kodak moment in my head! But, alas, I refrained and vowed to save the money for more important purchases like two cribs!

The point of today is not gifts or cards. The point is to tell Geof how much we appreciate all he does for us each and every day! He knows I tire easily, so he does the laundry and puts it away, vacuums the house, and cooks dinner on the nights he's not working and cleans up without me even asking!! This, after working a 12-hour day with no lunch break! The twins and I couldn't ask for a better husband/Daddy to care for us. He is absolutely amazing, and we don't know what we'd do without him! Love you, Daddy!

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