Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Y" not work out?

I'll be honest. Before this week, it had been a while since I had exercised with any type of regularity. For the first few months, I was just too tired before or after work to hit the YMCA in downtown Raleigh where Geof and I are members. Then came vacation. Then catch up after vacation. Then... Well, you get the picture.

No more excuses. Fitness is too importance to make one of those "if I have time" type of things. I'm now back on track... er... the treadmill, ready to give my muscles a work out! Don't worry. I know my limitations and would never do anything to risk the health of the Wonder Twins. The doctor says I can do low-impact cardio, and that's what I stick to. I regularly check my heart rate to make sure it's not inching above 140 beats per minute, and if I feel like I might get winded, I slow waaaay down immediately.

I kick started my exercise regiment yesterday with a 30-minute stint on the elliptical machine, an old gym friend. However, instead of putting the setting at Cross Country 3 and burning through 400 calories in half an hour like I used to, I pushed the button for the basic level and slowly shaved off 200 calories.

Today, I walked 1.1 miles at a slight incline on the treadmill in 25 minutes. It's a far cry from the 5K I used to complete in that same time period, but hey, I'm carrying a lot of extra weight with two babies! :) I followed up my walk with a series of arm exercises using five-pound free weights.

Don't expect me to turn into a toned, svelte body builder over the term of the pregnancy. I like having a neck. I'm doing this for the babies and for myself. I want to stay in relatively good shape while I continue to build up the baby weight, and I want to give the Wonder Twins a healthy start to their young lives.

Oh, and watching people's reactions at the gym to my baby bump in spandex is pretty awesome, too.

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