Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Visit from "Aunt Nancy" and "Uncle Tom"

This was a special weekend for the Wonder Twins, as they had out-of-town company travel to see them! Nancy Randall, who has been one of my best friends since fifth grade and singlehandedly helped plan my wedding, and her boyfriend, Tom, drove in Saturday from Winston-Salem to visit.

Nancy had not seen me since my birthday in April, so I was anticipating a big reaction from her to my constantly growing baby bump. When I met them at my house, the first thing she said was, "You don't look pregnant!" I looked at her like she'd somehow morphed into Michael Jackson. "What?" I said and promptly turned to the side to showcase the Wonder Twins in their full glory. "Oh!" exclaimed Nancy. "I can tell from the side, but you really can't tell from the front!" Hilarious. She is right. The girls are almost like a little basketball in my belly. They don't stick out on the sides, just the front! Geof likes to pretend to "palm" them.

Nancy and Tom came bearing gifts, which is always fun! They brought me a beautiful blue and grey floral maternity t-shirt, which I promptly put on and flaunted for them to see. They also brought some "Belly Bars" for the twins. I had seen them in the stores, but I had never tried them. They're almost like a Clif Bar (for all you runners out there) and chock full of folic acid, protein and other good baby-building ingredients. I plan to snack on them at work this week! Yummy!

After being showered with gifts, we were showered with food at Taverna Agora, our favorite Greek restaurant in Raleigh. The food is fantastic, but my only dilemma is I can't eat feta. (Mommies-to-be are supposed to avoid soft cheeses.) Thankfully, there are many other tasty treats on the menu, and none of us had a problem picking an entree. Somehow, after stuffing ourselves with perfectly prepared seafood, veggies and pasta, we still found room to share a five-layer chocolate mousse cake. It was divine. Thanks to stretchy waistbands on pants for pregos, I was able to get out of my chair and pose for pictures without popping!

Following dinner, we went to Downtown Alive, a free concert series on Saturdays in Moore Square. We thought we were going to see Cracker perform, but by the time we waddled our way to the venue, a band called the Tubes was playing. The guitar player looked like Bill Clinton and the music was not good, so we promptly left, holding our full bellies as we walked!

Apparently, this was the weekend of gluttony, because we continued the eating extravaganza Sunday morning at the Farmer's Market Restaurant. We feasted on homemade biscuits, eggs, pancakes and pretty much everything else that was on the menu in some form or fashion! Delicious! You can see how fat and happy we look in the photos below!

We rounded out the afternoon with a movie ("Away We Go") and a pedicure session. Nancy offered to pamper my peds after reading a previous blog posting about how difficult bending over to paint my own tooties was getting. She did a fabulous job. My toes are an eye-popping coral shade, which is the perfect compliment to summertime and flip flops! Love it!

The Wonder Twins loved spending time with "Aunt Nancy" and "Uncle Tom," and look forward to their next visit to the Triangle! Hooray for road trips!

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