Friday, June 26, 2009

The Wonder Twins Get a Shout Out! Holla!

On Thursday, I attended the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce's 61st annual luncheon and meeting in Wake Forest. I was there for work reasons - to listen as the department's new Transportation Secretary, Gene Conti, gave the keynote address. I had prepared his remarks, as well as a 23-page briefing memo chock full of information on any possible topic he could get asked about during the Q&A session following his speech.

Before I explain what the Secretary said, allow me to set the scene for you. The luncheon, of course, took place over the lunch hour. However, the event was not held in the comfort of an air-conditioned restaurant. It was held in a tent outside. There were only two fans. It was 90 degrees and sunny outside, and everyone was sweating.

I had scripted a joke for the Secretary to deliver at the beginning of his remarks about the heat that day. But, before he ever got to the joke, he went off the talking points I had provided him and started introducing the NCDOT staff members in attendance. Much to my surprise, he started with me!

He explained that I work in the Communications Office and went on to say I'm helping expand the NCDOT family by having twins in the next few months. I suppose I should've stood up and waved, but I was still in shock at the very unexpected introduction. In response to the baby news, a collection "awww" came from the crowd, and I was showered with "congratulations" from everyone around me.

I consider it the Wonder Twins' first official shout out! Perhaps, it reaped benefits for the Secretary, as well. No one asked him any "hard ball" questions during the Q&A period. I think in a small way the twins helped with that. I mean, really, who's going to get nasty with a man who's traveling with a pregnant lady. No one!

I appreciated the Secretary's kind acknowledgement. I only wish I would've gotten it on video, so I could post it to the blog for posterity! Think he'd be willing to do a second take? At least this time, we could stick to buildings with AC!

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