Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And in This Corner.. Our Two Little Heavyweights

Every time I open one of my many baby books, I read about how much the little bundle of joy is expected to weigh at that particular point in the pregnancy.

Considering those books are written for parents of singletons, I never really thought much about the statistics. I just assumed the Wonder Twins would weigh less than the number stated, because there are two of them.

Not so much.

At Tuesday's ultrasound, we learned Twin A weighs 2.4 pounds, and Twin B tips the scales at 2.8 pounds! They actually weigh the same - if not more - than most singletons at 28 weeks!

Geof and I were totally shocked. Our best guesses put them at less than two pounds each for sure. Nope. They weigh in at combined total of 5.2 pounds!

No wonder I look like I ate a house! :)

The ultrasound technician calculated the babies' weight based on the measurements she took of their heads, arms and legs, stomachs and bladders. Both she and the doctor agree that our girls are healthy and growing just as they should. Hooray!

The other exciting part about the ultrasound? The photos! For the very first time, we actually got several shots of Twin A's face.

In all of our previous ultrasounds, she always hid her face from the camera, while her outgoing sister stepped right into the spotlight. Apparently, Twin A felt like the first week of my third trimester was the perfect time for a coming out party.

It was tough to capture images of Twin A, because she is our little "squirmy worm" and constantly kicks and punches like a kung fu master. But, the technician somehow convinced her to stay still long enough to get a few perfect pictures.

Twin B was her usual photogenic self. We got great images of her profile.

Since Geof plans to paint the nursery next week, we decided to ask the technician to do another anatomy scan just to make sure the girls are still... well... girls.

The pink can stay! The twins are 100% little lady!

As for their positions, Twin A remains head down, which is good. Twin B is still head up. To avoid having a C-section, I need her to follow her sister's lead and dive downward.

The doctor says there is still plenty of time for her to change positions, so we'll hope that happens over the next few weeks.

My next appointment is set for Sept. 8. That is when I will learn the results of Tuesday's test for gestational diabetes.

Basically, I had to drink at pint of vile, gag reflex-inducing liquid at 8:30 a.m., and one hour later, the nurse drew four vials of blood. They'll be tested to determine if the appropriate levels of sugar were present.

We are so thrilled with the progress the girls are making! We can't believe they'll be here in less than three months!

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