Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures with Grandpa Buzz

If you've noticed a slight decline in the number of posts to the blog recently, it's because we've had the "No Vacancy" sign on at Chez Demi-Levine. We've been blessed with visits from friends and family from around the state and across the country.

Last weekend, Tucson TV's favorite morning weather wonder Erin Jordan braved severe weather to fly in for a quick stay. All four of us girls had a great time shopping, eating out and sightseeing around Raleigh.

Two weeks prior, Geof's Dad, Buzz, came to town from Rogers, Arkansas (yes, he has all his teeth) for an 11-day visit. Instead of trips to the mall, we took trips to the driving range. Buzz fired balls into the great green abyss using Geof's golf clubs, and Geof tried to follow suit using my clubs.

I've had those blessed Big Berthas since high school where, in a moment of mental weakness, I let Coach "Stoney Tony" convince me to found the girls' golf team. I say that because I wasn't very good at golf. I'm not just being humble, either. I have no aim, and that's not exactly something that college recruiters find impressive.

The good thing was I never had intentions of being great at golf. I rarely practiced, because that would have conflicted with cheerleading practice. Flipping in the air was way more fun than hunting in the mosquito-filled woods for my stupid lost ball.

Regardless of my lack of talent, Geof likes to tell people I am actually good at golf. I think he just forgets that I get to hit from the red tees. Or, maybe it's the beer.

I do, however, have a mild competitive side, so I thought why not see if I, a woman pregnant with twins, can still smack a Titleist 200 yards with a driver.

I didn't choose the most appropriate apparel for this attempt at Nancy Lopez-dom. A skirt and halter top were condusive for the soaring temperature but not so much for bending over to place the ball on the tee! Ooops. I don't think I flashed too many people. The old men probably liked it anyway.

I took a few practice swings and was surprised to discover my burgeoning belly didn't really get in the way. So, I moved up to the tee and took a swing.

Bounce, bounce, bounce. It was quickly evident that it had been YEARS since I'd even tried to play.

After hitting a few more balls, I finally got one or two in the air. I noticed in my backswing and follow through that I was definitely stretching muscles I hadn't used in a while. (That's what happens when you are 5'3 and gain 20 pounds!) In an effort to avoid future soreness, I put Bertha back in my bag and sat down to rest and sip lemonade.

That's probably the same position I'll assume years down the road, when Geof says he'll teach the girls to play golf. Like I said, I always made a better cheerleader. :)

During Buzz's stay, he and Geof also took a trip to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Buzz is considering retiring in a coastal North Carolina community, which would be much closer to his little granddaughters than his current Arkansas home. We've got our fingers crossed that he chooses the Tar Heel state over his other top choice, Florida. Can you imagine anything cuter than the babies in tiny bikinis building sandcastles along the Carolina shore? Awww...

When the boys weren't house hunting, they were clearly cracking open some cold ones at the beach and soaking up some sunshine.

When they got back to Raleigh, they went straight to work on our "honey do" list. Buzz and Geof stained the deck a gorgeous redwood shade.

They also planted two crepe myrtle trees from the State Farmer's Market on the side of our house. We call them the "twin trees." You can see them from the girls' nursery. They're growing big and strong just like our little ladies!

The twins had great time meeting "Grandpa Buzz" for the first time. Next time he comes to town, they'll get to see what he looks like. That's because they'll have arrived!

Instead of hitting golf balls, he'll be changing dirty diapers! Fore!

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