Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ready. Set. Run?

There are very few things in life that I'm willing to run for, with the sole exceptions of help in the case of a dire emergency and the finish line in an actual road race. I'll explain what this has to do with our Friday activities in a just minute.

Geof and I met at the State Fairgrounds after I got off work Friday evening to shift through the junk and the jems at the Triangle Mothers of Twins and Triplets (TMOTT) semi-annual consignment sale.

We were on a mission. Like MacGyver.

Our goal was to find a gently used double baby jogger that we could take on runs in the woods and to play dates in the park. Considering the price of the BOB Ironman double baby jogger ($500) nearly sent me into cardiac arrest, this seemed like the best way to meet our athletic needs without breaking the bank.

The event organizers were smart and allowed the crowd of anxious TMOTT members to spend about 15 minutes previewing the wares before they opened the cash registers. We made a beeline for the stroller section and much to our excitement there was ONE double baby jogger just waiting for us to take it home.

Since I'm not allowed to run during the pregnancy, I gave it a test with a lame-looking swift walk, and it performed great! Geof double checked the brakes and safety latches, and found them all to be in good working order.

Several people glanced at the stroller while we were pawing over it, and I shot them looks that said, "This is MINE. You don't want to fight a pregnant lady, do you?"

Shortly after the preview session ended, the crowd was corraled back into the hallway. We had each drawn a number, which was supposed to dictate the order of entrance into the sale. Ours was 194. Not so great.

Thankfully for us, the entrance process went a little wonky, and about 15 minutes later, the doors opened and people started spilling into the expo center.

Geof looked at me and said, "Should we run?" I looked back at him and said, "YOU can run. I am not running anywhere." I heard sprinkles of laughter coming from the ladies standing around me. They knew.

I suppose you could say Geof and I compromised and speedwalked our way to the apple of our eye - the jogger. By some type of TMOTT miracle, no one had snatched it before we could get there, so if we wanted it, it was ours.

We hemmed and hawed over it a little longer before finally sealing the deal. Cha-ching! Seventy-five dollars and a brief wait in line later, it was in the truck of the Element, ready to carry the Wonder Twins across the finish line at a springtime 5K!

The other good part is I didn't have to fight anyone to get it.

With our "large equipment" purchase out of the way, we were free to paruse the other sections of the sale, which included tons of adorable clothes. I am such a sucker for all things pink.

We searched through the 0-3 months and 3-6 months racks looking for good deals, and we definitely found them. I got several items with the tags still on them, pristine dresses that I know cost $25 or more for $2, and several darling brand-name sweaters for pocket change.

My favorite clothing purchases were the tiny matching onesies that say "Little Turkey" and "My First Thanksgiving." Both have cute turkeys on them. As I'm sure you know, the girls' due date is mere days before everyone's favorite glutonous holiday. We thought these were the outfits for their first big T-day. Yay!

We celebrated our bargain-hunting success with dinner on the patio of the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Raleigh. We met Leah, Mike and their three-month-old bundle of joy, Mason, there for a nosh and some good conversation.

Geof also got a lesson in baby feeding 101 with Mason. He did a great job making sure the little guy drank his bottle and gave a solid burp afterwards. Check him out! Daddy-to-be is a natural!

It was a great night. We look forward to more evenings out on the town with the twins (in utero or not) and friends!

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