Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Baby cribs... assemble!"

For those of you who have seen (and love) the movie, "Anchorman," you will undoubtedly catch the reference in the title of this post to film character Ron Burgundy's famous line, "News team! Assemble!" Following that proclamation, Ron pulls out a conch shell and blows into it, creating a trumpet-like sound, and all his colleagues come running.

Nothing quite that dramatic happened when Geof put the Wonder Twins' cribs together last week. But, I did think this all-important first step in nursery preparation was worth sharing with you. Geof documented his Oscar-worthy performance with the camera on his Blackberry while I was at work.

In this photo, you see the "before" stage. The pieces are out of the box, and it appears nothing is broken. Good.

Now, Geof must figure out, using directions that might as well have been written in Russian for all the help they were, how to put those pieces together. More than two hours later, Geof texted me a picture of the finished product! Fabulous! Twin A, your bed is ready!

After a quick bite to eat and drink, Geof returns to put crib #2 together. This time, though, he got "help" from Stella, our tuxedo-wearing cat. (She's always dressed for formal occasions.)

Whether her tasks involved lying on top of the directions or sitting inside a box Geof would probably need to access at some point, Stella was ready to assist! Four paws are better than two hands, right?

Despite the feline intrusion, Geof managed to assemble the final crib in about two hours. Twin B, you have a bed, too! Congrats to Daddy for doing such a great job!

Now comes the hard part. The cribs take up a lot of room, so we have to get creative about how we'll fit a glider arm chair and a dresser/changing table in there, too!

I have no doubt, though, that we can do it. After all, we've got Wonder Twin Power! Activate!

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