Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Bells and Weird Comments

Dum, dum, dah-dum... Dum, dum, dah-dum...

The Wonder Twins attended their first wedding ceremony and reception last night in Raleigh. Although it was not very monumental for them considering they couldn't see anything, I think they did enjoy the vibrations from the organ at the church and the 1990s music mix (think Boyz II Men) the DJ was spinnin' at the Sheraton Hotel downtown.

They weren't exactly kicking to the beat, but they were certainly kicking. At times, it would make my stretchy black wrap dress flutter.

Speaking of the dress, I got a lot of compliments on it. I can't take credit, really, because the dress isn't mine. It belongs to kind-hearted Kelcey Carlson, the morning anchor at WRAL. Upon hearing of my pregnancy, she lent me several suits and nice dresses that she wore when she was pregnant with little Charlie. They have certainly come in handy!

A simple black dress can definitely be elegant on its own, but since I never get dressed up for a night on the town these days (more like put on the PJs and eat ice cream in front of the DVR), I thought this was a great chance to don some of my glittery jewelry and high heels. So, I did.

I got a lot of comments on my four-inch, leopard print Jessica Simpson open-toe pumps. Mainly, people wondered how I could walk in them with my added belly weight.

Frankly, I wondered the same thing. I moved very slowly and very cautiously to make sure I didn't take a tumble on one of my many visits to the restroom. (Don't make fun. You'd go a lot, too, if you had twins sitting on your bladder.)

Those weren't the only kind of comments I got.

The mother of the flower girl asked me when I due, and I smiled and said, "Three months from today exactly." She looked at me wide-eyed and said with hesitation, "Are you sure?"

I thought, "No, I have no idea when I'm due."

At that point, I knew I needed to explain that I was carrying twins. After doing so, the relieved lady said, "Thank God. I was going to say you looked way too big to go another three months." Nice. I appreciate your medical expertise.

The comment that truly takes the wedding cake, though, has to be what a member of the hotel's event staff told me as I was moving from the cocktail hour area into the formal dining room. She said, "You know, a lady's water broke here last weekend!"

What?! Why would you tell that to an expectant mother? I was worried enough about staying upright in my heels. The last thing I wanted to think about was going into labor in the breezeway of the Sheraton!

I managed to mutter an "Oh, wow." She answered back with, "Yeah, it was pretty exciting!"

For you, maybe, but probably not for the poor wedding guest!

I made it through the rest of the evening without encountering any other major faux pas about my budding family.

The waiter did ask me if I wanted a second slice of cake, but I quickly realized he wasn't trying to offend me. There were just several types of cake, and many of the guests (with big bellies and without) were indulging in all the varieties.

When the clock struck 9:30 p.m., Jessica Simpson, the girls and I left the ball to head home, where we could put our sore feet up and rest. Even though we never hit the dance floor, the excitement of the day was enough to wear us out!

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