Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smile for the Birdie!

Ever since Geof and I found out we were having the Wonder Twins, we've been looking forward to many things. One of them is pregnancy pictures.

Not cheesy pictures from Olan Mills, either.

I'm talking about artistic photographs taken in just the right light to emphasize the beautiful and bulbous lines of a mother-to-be's body.

Because this will likely be our only pregnancy, capturing great images of my big baby belly was especially important to us.

For that task, we called on our talented friend and photographer extraordinaire Leah Charbonneau.

She came over around 9:30 a.m. today and snapped picture after picture of Geof and me in the morning light in spots around the house and in the backyard.

Leah's lens caught Geof kissing my tummy and talking to the twins, as well as the two of us holding each other and the girls.

She also had us stand belly to belly, which should be pretty darn cute!

Because we know Leah so well, we felt very comfortable - not posed like during school picture day. Remember that? Ugh.

We promise to post images from the shoot as soon as we get them. I'm sure you're just as excited as we are to see them!

In the meantime, check out Leah's awesome Web site -

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  1. be sure to get her to do the peas in a pod photo... or with little elf hats...

    we are more into landscape and reinactments... but babys are sooooo cute!