Thursday, August 13, 2009

Notes on the Nursery

I came home from work today to find a wonderful treat in the Wonder Twins' nursery - a freshly installed chair rail! Yay!

This is cause for tremendous celebration, because it is the all-important first step to actually decorating the nursery. We really couldn't start painting or hanging the border until we got the chair rail up.

It looks really great! Geof is to be commended for his hard work. But, he didn't do it alone. He had some help from carpenter extraordinaire Adam Owens and his lovely wife, Lynn, who is pregnant with little Emma and ready for delivery any day now! Many thanks to Team Prego for adding a special touch to the girls' room that will remain for years to come!

As I type, Geof is upstairs armed with Adam's caulk gun. (That thing is dangerous! It's already slung some white gunk on the carpet. I'm waiting for our black cat to be its next victim!) He's filling in the gaps, so you'd never know there had ever been a slight space here or a small separation there.

Tomorrow, he will sand it down and paint it white to match the trim in the room. As soon as it dries, we can begin Operation Paint Can. That entails finding the perfect shades of petal pink and chocolate to add above and below the chair rail. Once that is finished, we can add the final touch - a chocolate border with pink polka dots near the ceiling. Awwww....

Our goal is to finish all the work by Labor Day. We'll see how well we do! I know having it ready long before the babies' birth will lower my anxiety level immensely!

There is just so much to accomplish, and my "to do" list is very long. But, thanks to my wonderful husband and great friends, I'll know I'll have every item checked off in record time!

Until then, I'll just practice the relaxation exercises I learned in child birth class. "Breathe iiiiiiin.... and Ooooooout." :)

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  1. Geof,
    Don't forget, it's all B & W for the in the first few months whether they white balance or not! there.
    Sal Q.