Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Wonder Twins' BFF is Born

"There must be something in the water in Knightdale."
We hear that a lot these days.

That's because two sets of our very close friends who live less than five miles down the road from us in "K-dale" have recently had babies, and clearly, we're next in line.

We didn't exactly hold a group meeting and decide over beers one night that we'd all start trying. It just happened, and we're so thankful.

Mason Charbonneau was born to parents Leah and Mike on May 15. He is already a little "ladies' man" with his darling smile and upbeat personality.

Just last Tuesday, we welcomed another beautiful baby from Knightdale into the world. Emma Owens was born just before 1 p.m. to Lynn and Adam.

We met the Charbonneaus at Rex Hospital that evening to visit the precious newborn. Geof and I (look how big I am!) are on the far right. Mike and Lynn's mom are next to Geof, and Leah is on the far left.

Geof and I had never seen or held a child who was literally only hours old. Nor had we ever been in the recovery wing of the birthing center any time other than on our childbirth class tour. This was not only a special experience for us but an educational one, as well.
We all took turns holding Emma. Amazingly, she never cried. She let out a few soft whimpers, but she never shed a tear. She was incredibly good.

She is also incredibly adorable. She has Lynn's eyes, Adam's hair color and a small dimple just like her mommy. Mike and Leah have already tapped her as Mason's first prom date. :)

As I looked at this perfect infant, I couldn't help but notice the joy she brought to everyone in the room. I also couldn't help but feel very fortunate that Geof and I would share in this same joy (times two!) in just a few months.

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